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  • COVID-19 Pandemic Forces Cancellation of ITA LIVE 2020

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Forces Cancellation of ITA LIVE 2020

    Due to the uncertainty surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Insurance Technology Association (ITA) has joined many organizations that have had their in-person events cancelled – in this case, April’s ITA LIVE 2020 event.

    COVID-19 has affected virtually every aspect of business operation, from corporate work policies to travel restrictions and stay-in-place orders issued by municipalities, states, and countries. We believe the most responsible thing that global citizens can do during these uncertain times is to make every attempt to “flatten the curve” of new COVID-19 cases by limiting travel and interpersonal contacts as much as possible.

    We are confident that our combined efforts to help contain the virus now will help all of us get back in business as soon as possible.

    Thank you for understanding, and we urge you and your loved ones to stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.

    Jim Daggett

    Executive Director

    ITA, Inc.



what is ita

ITA Mission Statement

The goal of the Insurance Technology Association is to provide members with opportunities to collaborate, educate, network, share, and use knowledge related to insurance technology. The ITA serves the insurance technology community as a resource and is dedicated to serving this specialized sector of the industry. Publications and educational programs created by the ITA are geared to professionals interested in or charged with evaluating, implementing, and marketing insurance-specific technology systems or services.

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In this issue’s cover story, “we look at the “non-negotiables” that insurers are demanding from core insurance systems, and how providers are keeping up.

In "Stick vs. Carrot,” we test drive the new Carrot telematics platform, which enables U.S. and Canadian insurers to rapidly scale next-gen UBI programs to offer drivers gift cards in exchange for sharing data.  

Also in this issue, enjoy a profile of Maple Technologies on their 20th anniversary, an interview with ITA board member Larry Fortin of Millers Mutual Insurance Co., and regular columns and departments including Digital Drip and Launchpad.

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Information on the ITA Pro Buyers' Guide, and how vendors can be a part of it

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